So you've just gotten a refill on your medications, and your provider issued you a new PatchCap for your refill. Now what?

In order to help you and your provider stay on top of your medications properly, it is important to properly return your PatchCaps from medications that you have finished. Follow the steps below to ensure you properly return your PatchCap.

Step 1) Close your pill bottle

After taking your last dose in a medication fill, please ensure that you close your pill bottle closed, and keep it closed. This will ensure that your provider knows that you do not still have leftover medication from your previous fill. Do not unplug or move your gateway.

Step 2) Return your pill bottle and cap to your provider

On your next appointment visit, please bring your closed pill bottle and cap back to your provider. They will keep both your old PatchCap and your old pill bottle.

That's it! Now that you've ensured that your old PatchCap is back with your provider, you should be using your new PatchCap to stay on top of your new refill.

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