Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to set up your PatchCap and Gateway Devices.

How to Set Up Your PatchCap

Step 1) Remove your pill bottle's cap from the pill bottle.

Step 2) Remove the blue tab from the PatchCap.

Step 3) Remove the adhesive backing from the PatchCap.

Step 4) Apply the PatchCap to the inside of your pill bottle cap.

Step 5) Replace the pill bottle's cap on to your medication bottle.

Step 6) Ensure that you store your medications within the same room as your gateway device.

How to Set Up Your Gateway

Step 1) Verify that the small end of the cable (A) is plugged into the gateway (B), and that the large end is plugged into the wall adapter (C).

Step 2) Plug the wall plug (C) into a wall outlet in the same room within 15 feet of where you store your medication.

Step 3) Ensure that the gateway power switch (D) next to where the cable is inserted is switched ON to the right.

Step 4) Verify that the connection light (E) is illuminated red. This indicates that the device is connected.

That's it! Your PatchCap is now all set up and ready to help you stay on top of your medications.

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