In order to connect a PatchCap to a medication, you need to first go through the process of adding a medication. This occurs in two places, either when adding the patient, or when adding a medication to a patient that already exists. Let's walk through it:

When in the add medication flow, you will see a modal that looks like the image below. In the modal, you will see a field titled "PatchCap Serial Number".

When you see that field, you will need to enter the PatchCap serial number, which can be found directly on the outside of every PatchCap Box (A) or below the QR code on each PatchCap (B).

A) Find on the Backside of each PatchCap product box.

B) Find on the PatchCap QR Code Sticker on the FIRST line.

After entering the PatchCap #, you will need to complete all other fields in the add medication flow in order to save and connect the PatchCap to the medication.

Once the PatchCap is activated and connected to the patient's Gateway, you will now be able to receive medication compliance data from the patient's PatchCap for this medication.

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