In order to keep your data safe when employees leave, you should always ensure to delete their user accounts on PatchRx. This will not remove any data surrounding your patients, it will only delete the user's ability to log in to your PatchRx account.

Step 1) Navigate to Settings

When you click on the settings icon on the bottom right, it will bring you to the "General" settings page.

Step 2) Identify the User that you would like to delete and hit the trash icon

Navigate to the user management section within general settings, identify the user you would like to delete and click on the trash icon to the right of their name.

Step 3) Send the email to our support team

When you click on the trash icon, it will open in your email client with a prewritten email that includes your organization name, and the email of the user that you would like to delete. Once you see the email populated, hit send and our team will delete the user from your account.

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