In order to help you determine who the highest priority patients are based on their medication compliance, we created the Patient Compliance Score. This is the percentage indicator that you see on the "My Patients" page, and on the individual patient modal.

This score is calculated to show you how compliant each patient has been with their medications, and on a per-patient basis, is calculated as an average of the medication compliance scores for all medications that the patient takes.

To summarize the following: 100% is ideal, as the score drops a patient may be in need of intervention.

The score is calculated on a daily as follows:

  • 1 - The Sum of all non-compliance events on that day for a single medication, divided by the total number of doses taken on that day.

    • A non-compliance event can be any one of the following:

      • The patient skipped a dose

      • The patient took an extra dose of a scheduled medication

      • The patient took a dose of their PRN medication before they were eligible to take that medication.

  • The daily score is then calculated into an average of the total days the medication has been taken.

  • The average score for each medication is then averaged between all medications, to generate the overall patient compliance score.

For example, take a look at the patient data below to see an example of a patient compliance score. This example illustrates a patient that is taking a PRN medication that should be taken a maximum of 3 times per day, every 6 hours.

On Day 1, the patient took a dose at 8:00 AM, at 6:00 PM, and at 8:00 PM, which was too soon to take the third dose. On Day 2, the patient took a dose at 10:00 AM, and 5:00 PM, of which both were compliant. On Day 3, the patient took a dose at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 6:00 PM, of which only one of the four doses they took in that day was compliant.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Non-Compliant Dose Taken




Dose Skipped




Compliant Doses Taken




Daily Medication Compliance Score




Average Medication Compliance Score




You can see that on day 3, after a number of non-compliance events, the patient's score dropped significantly, indicating a large amount of non-compliant events.

This data is not designed to be the only thing you look at when determining how to prioritize patient interactions, but it should provide a quick and simple score to help indicate patients that are in need of help with their medications.

If you have additional questions on how our Patient Compliance Scores work, please contact us at (918) 727-2962, at, or on our website or app chat.

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