When a patient overtakes or skips a dose of their medication, an alert will be created for that patient to indicate that there is an issue with how they took their medication. Once you have taken action based on that data, you should ensure to resolve the alerts for that patient. Follow the steps below to learn how to resolve patient alerts.

Step 1) On the patient's page, identify the text that says "Resolve Alerts" at the top left of the page.

Step 2) Click on the text that says "Resolve Alerts". You will then see the alerts disappear, and the page will look similar to below. All non-compliance events are still recorded with the patient in our database, and you will be able to see the days that the patient mistook their medications on your patient export.

If you have additional questions about how to resolve patient alerts on PatchRx, please contact us at (918) 727-2962, at support@patchrx.io, or through the web or in-app chat.

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