Step 1) Navigate to the setting page of your application, by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2) Click on the Payments & Reimbursements section of the setting page.

Step 3) On this page, you should see the different payment methods that have previously been entered. In this example, we have the current option set to invoice. In order to change the billing method to a credit card, click on the link that says "Add an additional payment method".

Step 4) You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information, and you will be provided with the option to set the card as your default payment method.

Step 5) Enter your card information and click the "Make default payment method" checkbox to update your payment information and make this card the default. Once you save the new payment information, you will now see the card as your default payment method.

You can add multiple cards and easily change which card or payment method is the default by clicking on the edit button to change the desired default payment method.

If you have additional questions on payment methods or billing, please contact us at (918) 727-2962, at, or on our website or app chat.

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