Each month it is important that you export patient billing codes and compliance data to keep your EHR up to date and ensure that you are able to get reimbursed for providing RTM services. Follow the steps below to learn how to export your patient's medication compliance data, monitoring session notes, and billing codes.

Step 1) Navigate to the patient you would like to export's patient modal and identify the export icon. Click on the export icon.

Step 2) Select the date range of data that you would like to download. You can choose from options like the last 30 days, the previous calendar month, or even choose a custom date range.

Once you have selected the dates that you would like to export, click on the button titled "Export".

Once you click on the export button, you will download a few separate CSV files.

  • One CSV will contain all data on patient billing codes and monitoring sessions and will have all necessary information for you to bill for all RTM codes.

  • Additionally, you will download one CSV per medication that the patient takes. Each CSV will contain it's respective medication compliance data for the date range selected in the previous step.

If you have any additional questions about exporting billing codes, please contact us at (918) 727-2962, at support@patchrx.io, or reach out through the chat widget on the bottom right of your app.

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